White Bathroom Vanities

A white bathroom vanity is an excellent choice for any style of bathroom and can complement many different room layouts and designs. White bathroom vanities and cabinets have always been a popular choice for traditional families because they look clean and brighten up the entire bathroom.

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Homeowners should remember, however, that a white bathroom vanity will begin to look dirty much quicker than a brown or black vanity. For individuals who like to clean their bathrooms regularly and spend plenty of time preparing themselves in the morning, a white vanity will fit their style perfectly.

Installing a new bathroom vanity can leave you with plenty of decisions to make, such as what style you want, how big it should be, and what color to paint it. Determining what color your bathroom vanity will be is an important decision because it will likely alter the entire look of your bathroom.

Here is a list of a few suggestions that you might take into consideration when installing a white bathroom vanity:

1. White vanities look great in smaller bathrooms. Many of today's starter homes are built with smaller bathrooms then most luxury homes. A white vanity goes great in a smaller bathroom because it does not appear to take up as much space. A bathroom that is full of colors tends to close the room in on itself, whereas a white bathroom appears larger.

2. White is a great color for the "Classic" bathroom. If you have a large bathroom with a freestanding tub and lots of add-ins located within your bathroom, then you may consider going white in order to enhance the room's "Classic" look. White is an extremely relaxing color for people who may determine to spend more than one hour a day in their bathroom. A white vanity can be complemented by sparkling chrome fittings, faucets, and posts around the bathroom furniture.

3. Consider a dark-colored countertop. A white vanity can stand out in a bathroom if it has a marble countertop that is stained brown or black. The idea behind this feature is that both the vanity and the countertop make each other stand out because they are in complete contrast to one another. The heavy colored countertop will also make the vanity become the focal point of the entire bathroom.

4. Black-and-White bathroom ideas. A classic bathroom may take on the look of classic television: black-and-white. If you install a white bathroom vanity and place it next to a black, freestanding tub, you will achieve a look of beauty. Black tiles placed alongside white tiles may have been the style for many kitchens a few decades ago, but it is also a great look for the bathroom floor.

5. Ensure spacious bathrooms with a large mirror.
A white bathroom vanity will surely help your bathroom to look larger to guests, but nothing enlarges a room like a sparkling, broad mirror hanging above the bathroom sink. There are many ways in which you can use a mirror to your advantage. Many white vanities look excellent with a plain mirror hanging, without any borders or trim. Other bathroom vanities may look better with a frame built around the outside of the mirror. Either way, a large mirror above your bathroom sink is sure to complement your white vanity.

No matter what type of vanity you choose for your bathroom, the most important thing to be sure of is that you like it. You and your family are those who are most likely to spend time in the bathroom so you had better approve of the vanity style that is chosen.