Black Bathroom Vanities

Black is back… for bathroom vanities, that is. A little bit of black in your bathroom can instantly turn a bland and regular room into a room with an intense and dramatic attitude. Black bathroom vanities comes in all shapes, sizes, materials, and patterns.

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Whether you have a small bathroom with only a little amount of room to work with, or a large master bathroom with space flowing out of every corner, a black vanity might be just the thing you are looking for to create an elegant and sophisticated feel for your bathroom.

The options that will be available for your black bathroom vanity are endless. Here are just a few of the different choices you can make while decorating in black:

Marble or Wood

The beauty of a black vanity is that both marble and wood look excellent in black. Black and white marble makes for a stunning counter top and sink, while black-stained wood is one of the most classic and impressive colors in any bathroom. Another advantage of black is that it allows the homeowner to mix-and-match marble and wood on a single bathroom vanity. For instance, an antique, black-painted wood that is covered with a black and white counter may be the perfect option for your bathroom.

Double or Single Sink

If you are trying to fit a vanity into a small guest bathroom, then a black single sink vanity works great. If your black vanity is a single sink then you won't have to worry about too much black being found on the vanity because it will not be overly large. On the other hand, if you are trying to fill a large bathroom with your black vanity then a double sink might be the better option. When choosing a double sink you may want to determine how you will lighten up the room because a large, double sink, black vanity may require some help in order to brighten up the bathroom.

Antique, Traditional, or Modern

When most homeowners decide that they want a black bathroom vanity they might only imagine a modern-style bathroom. While it is true that black tends to be the color of choice for modern bathrooms, it is also an excellent way to improve an antique style or traditional bathroom. No matter what style you are hoping to achieve in your bathroom, you won't go wrong with a black bathroom vanity.

Most designers recommend against having an entirely black bathroom, but that does not mean a black vanity won't fit into your design scheme. Your black bathroom vanity does not have to be entirely dark black if you feel that it would make the room too dark and dreary. Too much black might be overwhelming for some people.

Many vanities can be painted lightly in black and contrasted with white or clear handles that brighten the room up a little bit. There are other ways in which you can add some color to a bathroom with a black vanity such as using stylish tiling techniques, adding large bathroom mirrors, painting the walls cream, white, or yellow, or installing a bathroom window. A black vanity is capable of working itself into any style and any bathroom.